Antica Corte Milanese

Bed and Breakfast

Preview image of Bed and Breakfast Antica Corte Milanese

The Antica Corte Milanese B&B had been family-run for years in an historic country house that, since 1881, also included an oil and grain press and an inn.

Accommodations are available on occasion, depending on the availability of the owner. There are rooms, with entrance hall, kitchenette, and bathroom.
Both have two beds that can be joined together to form a double bed if needed.

Exterior of Antica Corte Milanese

The B&B aims towards evoking an age-old local tradition, that of offering hospitality to travelers who would journey along the “Lombard” transalpine road which, from the Lukmanier pass, would lead to Mount Bardone.

The following is a group photo of the founders of the ‘Antica Locanda del Torchio’ around a legendary “torpedo” and of the two historic “patrons”, great hosts of the old courtyard house, Armando Cougnet and Vincenzo Torriani, pioneers of the first major Italian sports events.


Historic photo of the founders around a legendary torpedoArmando Cougnet and Vincenzo Torriani, pioneers of the first great Italian sports events